Competency Development Solutions

Below is a snapshot of our proficiency in different aspects of competency development. Our major expertise lies around leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, Presentation Skills and Interviewing Skills.


Leadership Development Solutions

Thoughtfully designed flexi modules ensure you derive the best ROI from a suite of learning solutions. Our solutions are not limited to class room sessions but ensure holistic acquisition of skills and knowledge through offline activities by way of methodically designed learning journeys


Interpersonal Competency Development Solutions 

We boast of a suite of diverse modules in the Interpersonal Competency Development area. Our solutions, wherever appropriate are complemented by SOCIAL STYLESM as a foundational interpersonal tool. Our association with TRACOM brings the best in class interpersonal tool SOCIAL STYLESM

Effective Presentation Skills Training

Intercultural Competency Solutions 

Cultural difference is a critical aspect of Diversity. Research has shown that intercultural competence of leaders is directly related to employee retention and engagement. We impact organizational effectiveness through a range of Intercultural Competence Development Solutions


Present with PRIDE© – Effective Presentation Skills 

PRIDE© is our very own model on Presentation Skills. This is an end to end development program that includes individual coaching and re-assessment at the end of the program. PRIDE© – Executive Presentation Skills is an enhanced version aimed at senior leaders


Behavioral Interviewing Solutions

Talent goes beyond possessing technical and functional skills. In the current scenario where business environments are more complex than ever, predictability of performance is very crucial. Our Behavioral Interviewing Solutions (Competency Based Interviewing) ensure hiring managers and recruitment teams are well equipped to make objective and fact based selection decisions in a methodical way

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