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We present to you the PRIDE©way to Effective Presentations. This program aims to bring together the five dimensions to presentations – Preparation, Resistance, Interpretation, Delivery and Empathy.

This power packed module first evaluates a person’s approach and preferences to presentations followed by an intensive 2 day workshop (3 days in some cases) that focuses on honing these five dimensions. We also recommend the option of going for a post assessment that identifies the positive needle movements in each of the five dimensions.

Present with PRIDE© – Effective Presentation Skills is packed with a variety of learning tools like case studies, videos, role plays, demonstrations and live practice sessions by the participants. Participants go through a rigor of practice sandwiched between insightful concepts. Participants learn to evaluate themselves objectively based on the PRIDE©model and also enhance their ability to provide meaningful feedback to others.

A variant of this program is available for Executive audience as PRIDE©– Executive Presentation Skills.

Download a sample PRIDE report here for free

Facilitation Skills Program –The PRIDE© Way

DimenZion3 offers an advanced Facilitation Skills Program intended to transfer insightful stand up delivery techniques and tools to aspiring facilitators. Our team of highly experienced and inspirational facilitators will impart the best knowledge in the industry to ensure comprehensive transfer of key concepts and skills. We use innovative and impactful tools to impart facilitation skills. The Program is driven by focussed video recording of the participant presentation styles through the program and demonstrates visible improvement against benchmarks by the end of the program.

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