Interpersonal Competency Development Solutions

We boast of a suite of diverse modules in the Interpersonal Competency Development area. These modules are designed to enhance effectiveness of professionals at an individual level and at interpersonal levels. The modules, wherever appropriate are complemented by SOCIAL STYLESM as a foundational interpersonal tool. We offer courses which cover the expanse of interpersonal needs around communication, conflicts, coaching, team work and more. Our association with TRACOM brings the best in class interpersonal tool SOCIAL STYLESM

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Influence With Impact
  • Communication Skills
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Effective Coaching Skills
  • Producing results through others
  • Working in Teams
  • Winnovation – A module on Winning Innovations
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Business Etiquette

We also offer focussed courses on selling skills

  • Selling with STYLE
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Handling customers
  • Creating Unique Sales Propositions

The learning solutions are designed and developed with a strong ear to client needs and are delivered by capable and trained facilitators with many years of experience

SOCIAL STYLESM is the world’s best interpersonal tool and we also offer certification programs on SOCIAL STYLESMclick here.



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