5 mistakes managers make during performance reviews in growing companies…and how to avoid them!

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Performance reviews, contrary to popular practices are very important events in growing companies. The data post review helps them make crucial decisions related to business planning, budgeting, recruitment, retention, development and engagement. It is not only important to have a proper performance management process set up but also train the managers on the same. Below…

Bridging the gap – Generation gap at work place and how to deal with it!

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5 Ways to Manage Generation Gap at the Workplace

Building visibility for career growth

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So, you just missed that coveted promotion? Were you expecting a higher performance rating this appraisal season, after all that hard work through the year? Visibility matters as much as efforts do, if one wants to grow in today’s corporate world I have encountered numerous colleagues and fellow professional who profess the clichéd “I believe in hard…

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