Shrivallabh brings with him more than twenty two years of industry experience. Throughout his career, Shrivallabh has successfully managed assignments in Diversity& Inclusion, HR, Organizational Development, Training and Coaching. He has successfully led design and implementation of many diversity & inclusion, OD and talent development projects.

Shrivallabh facilitates courses on Management, Communication, Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Diversity areas. His sessions are packed with energy and enthusiasm. He derives great insights through participative techniques and creates high take home value for the audience.

He speaks in public forums, institutions and organizations on topics like Diversity, Leadership, Motivation, sales, Communication skills, and Team Work. He delivers lectures on ‘Emerging diversity issues in India’. He also writes articles and case studies on the topic.

He has extensive exposure in working with people from countries/ regions like USA, UK, Europe, China, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, UAE and Malaysia.

Shrivallabh is a passionate facilitator and an innovator at heart. He developed the PRIDE model which is an assessment and delivery tool for Presentation Skills.

He is a DDI certified facilitator, trained in Transactional Analysis 101 and a Master Trainer in Intercultural Competency Development training

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