Black, White…& Life In Between

India’s first theatrical on diversity & Inclusion at workplace
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Black, White…& Life In Between is India’s first interactive play on diversity & Inclusion, brought to you by DimenZion3 and Pontemol Productions. The play, uses theatrical performances as a medium to derive key insights to diversity and inclusive behaviour at the workplace. A team of 22 professional cast and crew members comes together to give an innovative experience to corporate India.

Black, White…& Life In Between is an Interactive play that deals with how diversity dynamics play out at work through the eyes of the protagonist Iqbal Miyan, who interacts with his daughter working in an MNC in the city, through a series of letters. Black, White…& Life In Between, touches upon the elements of gender, sexual orientation, regional stereotypes & biases, Persons with Disability(PWD), intercultural differences & how unconscious, conscious and collective bias play a role in workplace interactions. It is an engaging and entertaining play complemented by discussion with experts and audience interactions.

What started as an experimental presentation has transformed into a professional show over the past three years and we are proud to have had audiences from across the corporate spectrum experience it. We have received phenomenal reviews for Black, White…& Life In Between and have moved from strength to strength adapting the story line to changing needs.

This play is specially meant for Professionals like business and functional leaders, managers, HR and L&D leaders and anyone who interacts with a diverse population at work. What’s in it for you?

  • An entertaining & unique way to Experience Diversity & Inclusion concepts
  • Invaluable insights one can derive around Diversity & Inclusion, without the need to be preached
  • Understand impact of bias, prejudice & stereotyping on business relationships
  • Learn the role Inclusion plays to achieve business results

We have performed successfully in various cities of India like:

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Nasik…
  • And more

Cast and crew:
Black, White…& Life In Between is performed by a team of professional actors from Theatre, Cinema, Television and Ad Films.

An important highlight of the play is the immersive experience that the actors create to make the experience personal to the audience members.

Produced by: Hema K
Concept & Direction: Shri Vallabh

If you wish to engage us to stage exclusive shows for your company in your city, please write to us.

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