The Values to Live

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Client: A growing player in the ITES domain, dealing with marketing and data solutions, with an approximate employee strength of 300

The Problem:

This client took pride in the organic nature of their growth and in the eight years of their existence had a home grown talent of second line leaders. However, this presented a natural challenge. Most of the managers had not experienced the world outside and very not aware of performance management best practices. Most of the performance was managed based on operational results and not behavioural metrics. The leadership did not know how to deal with behavioural issues like late coming, absenteeism, lapse in integrity and conflicts. The biggest challenge was that the client wasn’t sure what measures to adopt for what kind of behavioural slips and how to maintain consistency and fairness.

The performance Management was an annual event at best that involved managers collating the annual operational numbers and providing ratings that led to increment percentages. This led to discontent among team members and also promoted unfair leadership behaviours.

The Solution:

The approach DimenZion3 took in this case reflects our belief that culture steps from the top and a top down approach is the only way in such cases. We first interviewed the top leadership of the organization to understand their values, beliefs and motivations. In partnership with them, we designed and developed a Values Framework for the client. We developed a framework of seven different values that reflected the organizational DNA, that of the top leadership and the functional managers as a leadership group. We then embarked a communication and culture building exercise to help the members of the organization understand, internalize and reinforce these values.

We designed a completely new Performance Management System that brought in a paradigm shift in the way the client leadership and managers looked at employee performance and yet retain their inclination to operational performance being a key requirement. We integrated the values and behaviours associated with the values as a performance parameter and trained managers to collect collate and leverage behavioural data for performance management in an effective way.

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