Reigning In The Horses

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Client: A player in the Exhibition Stall Design Industry, based out of Mumbai, India

Industry: Exhibition Services

The Problem:

The client approached us saying that they need to establish streamlined HR processes in their company. They were facing a mixed bag issues some of which are outlined below:

  • Instances of people absenting from work without approval
  • Loss of key talent to competitors
  • Behavioral issues
  • Problems with being ability to set compensation standards across roles
  • Insubordination

The client is a growing organization in the exhibition services industry and designs custom build stalls for clients

We interviewed the client and found the following issues as root causes:

  • Parallel reporting relationships
  • Lack of a fair pay practice
  • Growth opportunities based on individual preferences than based on performance
  • Lack of coordination between leadership team members
  • Lack of written HR policies

We first aimed at drafting HR policies relevant to the client industry and specific client needs. We then took it on us to hold focus group discussions and communicate the highlights of policies to the team members.

Later, we created a simple performance management system that rewarded positive behaviors and business outputs. In a way, this created a competition of sorts between employees. While there were initial hiccups, it eventually turned out to be a healthy competition. We even assessed competencies of employees and provided clean up recommendations to the client that ensured there was new talent unfused into the system from outside the industry.

As for fair pay practices, DimenZion3 recommended a three tier pay for performance system that ensured people were rewarded in a timely manner for their business output and also were rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviors, especially those that involved client interactions. We also introduced a system of client feedback to manage performance especially around interaction skills.

The client found this effort to be very valuable in bring about a culture change within their firm.

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