Sales is the first and one of the most critical functions of any business. Sales teams are prominent carriers of the company’s brand message across the spectrum of potential and existing customers. With the best intent, and products that well meet customer needs, companies still struggle to mobilise the full potential of their sales capabilities, even with seemingly well designed processes. There is not one clear reason for this to happen and this is where PANACHE comes into picture.

PANACHE is a DimenZion3 brand that aims to help organizations enhance their sales effectiveness as multiple levels. We work across industries in the B2B and B2C segments helping clients realise the true potential of their sales teams. At PANACHE, we consult and build capabilities at the individual and organisational levels on a number of areas:

  • Sales Process design and implementation
  • Prospecting
  • B2B Selling Skills training
  • B2C selling Skills Training
  • Institutional Sales (large accounts)
  • Selling Professional Services
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Closing a sale
  • Account Management

With an enviable industry experience and track record of satisfied clients, we are the front runners in offering holistic solutions to develop and sustain your sales capabilities. We help clients enhance their sales performance at an organisational level through our consulting practice and drive individual performance through traditional and unconventional (theatre based) workshops. Our past work and success stories speak for themselves and define our credibility in the truest sense.

One thing that comes easily to us is listening. We listen with intent to your issues and concerns and work with you as an accountability partner towards achieving your goals. What we help you do is not just deliver your promises to your customers but do it with style. And your sales capability defines that style. Your bottom-line is our business. Maximise your sales potential driven by the capabilities of PANACHE. Sell with Style!

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