Developing for The Future

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Client: A media agency start up based out or Mumbai

The Problem:                                                                    

The generally young workforce was forever busy with work and not surprisingly with the strategic thrust of the leadership to venture into new industries. What the client was losing during this fast paced growth stage was the opportunity to create future leaders who will take on the reigns of individual business practices and strategic accounts at an opportune time. Considering the industry, there were not too many career development best practices to be borrowed. Those that existed were very constrictive to implement considering the free-child employee centric approach of business leadership. The client was not really sold out on creating systems that involved filling long forms and templates that led nowhere.

The Solution:

Our diagnosis of the problem led us to believe that the cause lay in the way the leadership treated the employees. While a free-child approach is always a welcome destruction from the norm, there are certain aspects of HR which have to be process driven and cannot be left to the natural process of evolution. We had to start from the top. The company being a start-up, there was a chunk of employees that reported directly to the CEO and COO. While it is great to have ambitions, we had to reinforce the fact into the minds of the leadership that it is important to walk the talk and they need to take the necessary actions that they expect their second line leaders/ managers to take.

We created a hybrid Performance Management cum Individual Development model that achieved two objectives:

  • It made the entire system simple
  • It provided a dynamic system to evaluate readiness of future leaders month on month

We struggled for the first quarter to influence the leadership, managers and individual employees to take time out from their busy business schedules and devote some time specifically to work on the IDPs of each employee and conduct review meeting son an ongoing basis. Things have settled down a bit in the second quarter at the time this case study was published. This is work in progress and we are hopeful this will convert into a fruitful exercise for us and the client.

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