Other Offerings

Amidst a host of offerings, we continue to enjoy appetite to provide related services in the training domain. Two key capabilities that we boast of are designing and Facilitation skills Programs. This is achieved by our Instructional design and Facilitation Skills practices.

Instructional Design

Our Instructional Design practice employs a well laid out process to meet your training design needs. We use the ADDIE framework to create solutions in a project management framework to create training material that is not only easy to comprehend but also suitable to your specific needs. Our Instructional Designers work closely with your team to understand the needs in every detail and analyse the requirements accurately.

We then design a broad framework that captures the flow of the course and bridge any gaps in requirement understanding.

The development of material is based on the broad design and the outputs required by clients. Instructor guides, participant guides, PowerPoint, videos, audio clippings, case studies, Online training material – all delivered at the highest levels of quality. Our team works in synergy with client teams to deploy and implement various stages of development as per project plans. Projects close after a detailed evaluation of the implementation, artefacts delivered and client satisfaction.

Facilitation Skills Program

DimenZion3 offers an advanced Facilitation Skills Program intended to transfer insightful stand up delivery techniques and tools to aspiring facilitators. Our team of highly experienced and inspirational facilitators will impart the best knowledge in the industry to ensure comprehensive transfer of key concepts and skills. We use innovative and impactful tools to impart facilitation skills. The Program is driven by focussed video recording of the participant presentation styles through the program and demonstrates visible improvement against benchmarks by the end of the program. Write to us for more information.

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