A sexual harassment at work is any type of sexual activity or contact that occurs without your consent. Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of situations, such as unwanted jokes, offensive gestures, and words, comments and replies. Although several social movements have sought to give more visibility to this phenomenon still there are many affected who remain silent for fear of losing their only income. What should the company do to prevent these situations from happening? The company should take proper steps to stop sexual harassment in the workplace. Also, you can take steps to be safe while enjoying a social and active life. The key is to learn more about the subject and follow practical tips to protect yourself and your friends. Below are some tips to stop harassment at work.


      • Facilitate the complaint To apply a policy of zero tolerance to harassment, it is imperative that employees can report about incident quickly and without fear of reprisal. In some companies, for example, workers can make a report via telephone through an independent psychologist. In others, a member of the Human Resources area is in charge of personally receiving the affected workers and following up on their case.


      • Promotes more women in managerial positions As some studies have shown, sexual harassment of women at the workplace is more common in those companies where women have no leadership position. Including female voices on the board of directors will not only allow for different points of view to be taken into account when making decisions: it will also send a clear message to employees about the company’s vision regarding the role of women in the strategy, the daily operation and what to do with the gender gap.


      • Take Precautions Do not make inappropriate jokes or comments, do not promote a macho culture and do not stop considering the talent or work of a woman because she is pregnant, or that of a person because of their sexual preferences. Show yourself open, inclusive and respectful in every important decision you make.
      •  Workplace harassment prevention training To stop these types of activities it is must to give workplace harassment prevention training to women. It helps them to prevent from such kind of cases. When an employee complains to a supervisor, about sexual harassment, an immediate investigation must be conducted. Supervisors should be involved immediately.
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