Consulting HR

Talent acquisition

The scripting of a successful talent management story begins with sourcing the right talent. We help you design hiring strategies, policies and practices that ensure you not just hire the right talent but also ensure do so in alignment to your business goals at reduced turnaround times and optimum costs. We help you plan your workforce and implement year long strategies and plans that help you achieve your workforce targets in an effective way.

Performance Management

We work with you to design and implement effective performance management systems and frameworks that are customised to the needs specific to your organization and industry. We conduct a detailed analysis of your talent pool, organizational goals, existing methods and leadership priorities and design systems that are simple and meaningful. We provide in depth focus on objective performance planning and review thus ensuring you manage performance of your workforce effortlessly. Every aspect of the Performance Management Lifecycle is designed with tools that complement and integrate into the system

Organizational Development and Change Management

Through our OD Consulting practice, we support in creating sustained organisational effectiveness. We work with large teams that work with each other as cross functional stakeholders and create alignment to organisational needs such that all stakeholders speak the same language. There is a greater involvement of business and functional leadership in these efforts and we generally partner with the leaders such that the results are internally facilitated to create integral value to your teams.

We support organizations to manage and manoeuvre organizational change in effective ways. Organisations do a great job in implementing and managing physical or external change. The struggles begin when organisations have to deal with mental and emotional transition of employees in the changed environment.  DimenZion3 partners with you in devising customised interventions to ensure smooth transition of the organisation in a changed environment, thus creating high impact value to employees, employers and stakeholders.


Acquisition of Talent is only half the battle won. Motivation, Engagement and Retention through compensation strategies is another side of the story that keeps employers on their toes. We help you arrive at effective pay for performance strategies that focus on achieving a balance of organizational priorities and employee performance. We advise you on compensation strategies at an organizational level as well as at individual or functional levels and ensure fair compensation practices across grades

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

With the constant changes in the leadership topography of organizations, retaining the right leadership talent and planning for future become very crucial aspects of organizational success. We design competency based assessment and development solutions that ensure you effectively plan your key resources for the present and future.

We provide customised development solutions in the form of online activities, simulations and discussions, facilitated workshops and individual and group coaching efforts to ensure your leaders live up to your expectations. All our interventions are designed to accommodate extended hand holding and post assessments to ensure crucial competency enhancements.

Through our assessment services, we also help you design effective succession planning mechanisms. Your leadership is our accountability.

Engagement and Retention

Have you ever found it necessary to pause for a moment and ask yourself whether your employees enjoy what they do? Engagement and Retention are fairly underestimated aspects of HR and often arise as reactive after thoughts to key events in organizations. Very few organizations plan proactive strategies for engagement and retention.

We help you implement regular health check of your employee engagement through well researched and designed engagement solutions. We ensure you get comprehensive data points that provide you a measure of engagement levels and also consulting on action planning for enhancement of employee engagement scores.

We help you devise strategies for long term retention of your workforce through innovative ideation. We advise you on ensuring your employees stay and strive to grow and lead.

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