FREE WEBINAR: How to design winning diversity programs in your company

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FREE WEBINAR: How to design winning diversity programs in your company

Are your organisation’s Diversity Programs, just another tick in the box? Or do you truly realise the intended objectives from these programs? How do you know that the diversity programs are truly working? And how do you make them work if they aren’t?

These are a few questions this webinar attempts to answer. Organisations set about designing and implementing ambitious programs in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Not all are as impactful as they were designed to be. Some programs are kicked off with great fanfare only to survive not beyond the pilot. Some programs live long enough to lose their value to contemporary needs. At the same time, there are those programs that are implemented simply because someone felt it is a great program for the benefit of the organization, only to meet with passive resistance. Then there are those few programs that are designed and executed so well enough to realise their intended goals.

So, where do things go wrong? And what can organisations do about it? Let us meet to discuss these questions and unravel some answers.

What you will learn:

  • Discover what organizations are doing in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Understand what organizations are doing to make their programs successful
  • Understand what are the factors that contribute to organizational Diversity Programs being unsuccessful
  • Discover what your organization can do to make your diversity initiatives a winning portfolio

Who should attend:

  • Diversity Leaders and professionals
  • CXO level business leaders
  • HR Leaders
  • L & D professionals
  • Business Leaders
  • Diversity Consultants


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Date: Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Time: 3.30 pm to 5.00pm





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