Diversity is a reality and Inclusion is a choice. With an ever increasing focus on results and at the same time diversity being a matter of priority for most organizations, it is only natural that they need to be geared up to embrace and navigate through issues that diversity brings. DimenZion3 helps you achieve that goal through their consulting capabilities in Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Consulting

Listening is what we do well when it comes to consulting in the area of diversity. Whether you already have a diverse organization and are looking at augmenting your already existing programs or whether you are at the threshold of building a diverse organization, you can depend on our ability to create and implement solutions that give diversity and inclusion the appropriate strategic positioning. We help you in building and driving an organization rich in talent across genders, nationality, physical abilities, race and ethnicity.

We at DimenZion3 design and implement a range of inclusion programs to suit your needs. Our consultants partner with you by understanding your diversity strategy (or creating one if you need), analyzing needs of the organization and drawing up programs that are simple yet effective with a broad reach. We work with you and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs over a sustained period of time.

Intercultural Competency Solutions:

Cultural difference is an important and real aspect of Diversity. The roots of one’s culture go deeper than the behaviour and preferences demonstrated on the outside. As simple as it may seem, it is a complex aspect of human existence. Research has shown that intercultural competence of leaders is directly related to employee retention and engagement. We impact organizational effectiveness through a range of Intercultural Competence Development Solutions

DimenZion3, also in association with their partner LCW (Language and Culture Worldwide, Chicago) brings to you a series of Intercultural Competency building Solutions.

Language and Culture Worldwide (LCW)

Language and Culture Worldwide (LCW) works with Clients to develop the mindsets and skills for succeeding across cultures, both global and domestic. Collaborating with Clients ranging from Fortune 100s to government agencies—our specialized services help organizations leverage communication, global skills and diversity in today’s multi-cultural world.

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